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  Here we see a North American T-28C Trojan at Battleship Cove, Fall River, Massachusetts. Typical of the breed, it is a burly trainer with blunt lin...View Details

The photograph shows a V-1 missile loaded on to its launch ramp at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire

  The Westland Belvedere HC.1, the RAF's first 'heavy-lift' helicopter, had a difficult 'birth' and never really fulfilled its promise.

The Midland Air Museum, Coventry has preserved an example of the F.6 version of the BAC (formerly, English Electric Co Ltd) Lightning. Even today the...View Details

The Auster Autocrat was a most significant, British-built, post-War light aircraft. Indeed, it has been described as 'the epitome of a gentleman's aer...View Details

  The 22,000lb MC, "Grand Slam' bomb shown here, on its custom-built trailer, is on display at Brooklands Museum, site of a former Vickers Ltd facili...View Details

Here is the former N485EV, a Boeing 747-212B, at Quonset State Airport, Rhode Island, USA, after being converted to resemble a VC-25A. This 'Presiden...View Details

  This flying replica of a Vickers F.B.5 'Gunbus' is on display in the Grahame White Factory at the RAF Museum, Hendon, London

Here we see the very last Ford-built Merlin 24, in its assembly jig. Rebuilt by Ford apprentices, it is shown on display at the Museum of Science &am...View Details

  Jigs bought by The People's Mosquito being unloaded at the works of Retrotec Ltd, from the container which had been shipped 13,000 miles from New Z...View Details

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