Sometimes a lifelong passion can be triggered by a single, fleeting incident. So it was with me. It took me a while to manage it, but I was able to achieve my goal of working in aviation, full-time. I have been incredible fortunate to experience life on a Royal Air Force station, work on an international airport, and the daily joy of experiencing a major aviation collection. Air displays grew to be a major facet of my life, too, and one that I cannot seem to give up. We'll be examining everything from historic preserved aircraft to the latest military types, from light aircraft to the heaviest of heavy lifters and examining some famous and even infamous aviation personalities. I do hope to stir your interest in 'the unique machine' - the one that flies! I am now Director, Engineering of The People's Mosquito,  If you wish to make a donation to this Registered Charity, and help see a De Havilland Mosquito in British skies, again, then please use the following links:-


Please note: all images and text are ©Ross Sharp and/or The People's Mosquito Ltd



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